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KY Trademarks

KY is one of the leading trademark registration companies in Egypt and we are experts in this field for more than 7 years intellectual property registration, trademarks, industrial designs, copyright and patents, Despite the company’s success in this period and maintaining leadership locally and internationally through the Cairo Hub, joint cooperation protocols have been established with our stakeholders worldwide and we meet their needs wherever they may be so that we can provide the highest quality legal support in this area.

We have a strong and outstanding team in providing the best services in the fields of trademark registration, intellectual property, disputes, and tradition claims.

Company History

Introduction to the company's founder

Ms. Rowaida Yahya received a Bachelor of Arts in Media from Ain Shams University in 2012 and continued to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Law and a master’s degree in Intellectual Property Law from Helwan University.

Areas of practice

Ms. Rowaida established the Foundation as a patent and trademark agent, dealing with intellectual property issue providing consultations on the possibility of registration and availability of trademarks, analysing searches and consulting in cases of disputes to guide clients to appropriate solutions.

Also advises clients on the applicable provisions of intellectual property law for merger, change and transfer of property and communicate with clients regarding violations of intellectual property rights by third parties and possible remedies. It has achieved successes in combating infringement by third parties of our clients’ marks and has considerable experience in dealing with high-level multinational companies.



Our vision revolves around the following aspects: KY shall be the leading company and the best mediator in the field of intellectual property protection and the trademarks, and all companies shall carry their very own trade- marks that identify them.



Our mission is to offer our clients a complete series of legal services related to attaining the right of trade- marks and industrial designs, as well as their application, registration, and protection.

KY shall provide you with vast and variable legal advice and services required to keep the trade- marks and their industrial designs including:

  • preparing, filling, and submitting the applications required for inspection and registration.
  • Taking legal actions and confronting infringement of trade- marks, industrial designs and reaching and applying judicial decisions against counterfeits.
  • Responding to governmental offices decisions and communications whether rejection or reply to objections against trade- mark registration, as well as, refuting the grounds for rejection and following up the publications thereabout in the Official gazette and the renewal on due dates.

KY is one of the leading trademark registration companies in Egypt.


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كي واي هي واحدة من أبرز شركات تسجيل العلامات التجارية في مصر.

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