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Artificial Intelligence and Brands

Artificial Intelligence and Brands

The world has evolved spectacularly and rapidly as we see radical changes in various fields.

One of the most important changes relates to the human element itself.

In some cases, human performance has decreased markedly due to the application of advanced technology, especially AI technology.

Let’s address in our article the relationship between artificial intelligence and brand registration.


Content Table

  1. What is artificial intelligence?
  2. Intellectual Property Rights
  3. Steps of Trademark Registration
  4. Required paperwork for trademark registration
  5. Conclusion


What is artificial intelligence?

It is a software system aimed at enhancing the performance of systems and devices, enabling machines to perform repetitive tasks in a thoughtful and improved manner.

AI is widely applied in a variety of areas, such as marketing, training, machine empowerment, and more.

Artificial intelligence is that technology that digital voice assistance software like Alexa and Siri relies on. It also allows programs like Spotify, YouTube and BBC iPlayer to suggest a list of materials that you might want to run, and that technology also helps Facebook and Twitter apps choose and display social media posts that correspond to users’ interests.


intellectual property rights

Intellectual property rights give full confidence to researchers and entrepreneurs to expand their activities and innovations.
This certainly contributes significantly to stimulating economic growth in all sectors and attracting foreign investment.
In addition, intellectual property rights allow us to share modern technology, including artificial intelligence, and promote industrial progress.
Protecting intellectual property rights is already a critical feature for inventors and creative businesses, including those developed using advanced artificial intelligence technology.
Our main goal is to promote progress and innovation in the application of artificial intelligence in a variety of areas.
This in turn promotes economic growth and industrial development. The protection of intellectual property rights must therefore be crucial.
This is because it not only serves their owners’ interests but also contributes to boosting the economy and strengthening the industry.
We must devote our efforts to investing in creative thinking and exploiting innovative technology, including artificial intelligence, as an essential part of our future.

Steps to register a brand in Egypt

Trademark registration goes through four basic stages in which the trademark is registered in Egypt:

Step1: Submit a new trademark registration application
The trademark holder submits an application with the trademark registration department with the required paperwork to prove ownership of the trademark, after which the application is awaited by acceptance or rejection.


Step2: Technical inspection of the sign
At this stage, a technical committee is formed to examine your brand, and registration procedures cannot be completed without it.

If the trademark registration is refused, the owner can appeal to the Supreme Court of Justice until your trademark registration is accepted.


Step3: Publication of the tag in an official newspaper
After the technical inspection committee approves the registration of the trademark, the new trademark group is published in two types of newspapers, taking into account the inclusion of the trademark image.

Step 4: Issuance of registration certificate

The latest stage in trademark registration procedures depends on:

– Authenticity of the mark and payment of its fees so that the applicant owns the brand officially until the date of renewal.

– Registration of the trademark on the date of application and the possibility of renewal for 10 years.

– After 10 years the person renews the trademark, taking into account the grace period of 3 years for renewal and the mark becomes available for use if not renewed.


Required paperwork for trademark registration

– Copy of the identity card or the company’s commercial registry.

– Submission of 5 copies of the mark for the commercial registry of the Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade

– Licence of the company that will provide the service or product.

– After processing the required paperwork, the applicant fills out a form in order to register a brand.


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At the end of the article, we illustrate the importance of developments and updates that our world is experiencing, including the role of artificial intelligence in protecting intellectual property rights.

We also reminded you of the steps you are going through to register your trademark and the paperwork required to facilitate the start of your proceedings. Contact us now to start registering your trademark and for more information.


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