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Q1: How long will it take to conduct a trademark search?

The time frame for receiving the search reports is 10-14 working days.

Q2: Does your country use the international classification?


Q3: Are there any goods or services for which the mark can not be registered?

No, all goods covered by the nice classification can be protected.

Q4: Does the specification of goods in any class limit the protection to the specified goods, or does it give additional protection to all the goods in the class?

It depends on the class targeted, and the specified goods/services.

Q5: Can a trademark be registered in the name of more than one applicant (i.e., joint application)? If so, what are its requirements?

Yes, and the required documents in this case are like the requirements for filing a single applicant application, noting that a legalized POA in the name of the applicants is provided.

Q6: Can an application be filed without its complete documents? If yes, what is the deadline for filing the documents?

6 Months.

Q7: Can one application cover more than one class of goods/services?

The Egyptian Law permits multi-class applications; where a single certificate is issued for all classes when they attain registration, However, such applications are NOT recommended since delay of the registration in one class will delay registration in other classes, which is why this type of filing is rarely adopted.

Q8: May priority be claimed under the Paris Convention?


Q9: What is the term of protection of a trademark? From what date is it calculated?

10 Years, from the date of filing.

Q10: Is marking compulsory and, if so, how should marking be made?


Q11: In case a trademark is not renewed in due time, and another company register the same trademark, can the original owner oppose the registration or not?

Yes, based on prior use.

Q12: If the trademark was filed incorrectly originally, what documentation would be required to amend the official register to show the correct details?

Each error is corrected in a different way, errors that involve a drastic change in the form of the mark cannot be corrected and a new application should be filed, while other minor errors related to the applicant’s information can be corrected using the POA and the certificate of incorporation of the applicant.  

Q13: Is use required before registration or for maintaining the registration in force?


Q14: Is use of the trademark on one item sufficient to maintain the protection for all the goods covered by the registration?


Q15: What are the types of use required?

Any type of usage that proves the existence of the mark owned by the applicant in the market in respect of the goods or services covered is sufficient.

Q16: Can the assignment of an application be recorded?

The Egyptian Trademark law stipulates the registration of the trademark to be able to file an assignment, merger, or license at the Trademark Office. Therefore, in case of pending applications, the assignment, merger, or license is delayed until the trademark in question attains registration.

Q17: Is recording a license agreement compulsory? What are the consequences of non-recorded?

Not compulsory, but recommendable to be effective between the two parties And among others.  No consequences.

Q18: Can recordables such as change of name, address, merger, assignment, license, etc., be made against pending applications?

Only the recordable change of name and address can be made against pending applications; while the Egyptian Trademark law stipulates the registration of the trademark to be able to file an assignment, merger, or license at the Trademark Office. Therefore, in case of pending applications, the assignment, merger, or license is delayed until the trademark in question attains registration.

Q19: Can an assignment be made with or without the goodwill? What monetary consideration is to be mentioned as the value of the assignment? Is there any tax based on the value mentioned?

A monetary consideration must be included in the Deed of Assignment.

Q20: Can the trademark application be opposed and what is the opposition period?

Yes, two months from the date of publication in the official gazette.

Q21: How long does it take to complete the registration process within the Arab Republic of Egypt?

The time for completion of registration proceedings is 14-16 months from the date of filing the application if the application is accepted, If the application is rejected and enters the complaint phase, it can take two to three years.


Q22: What are the cases where a trademark registration application is rejected?

  1. Labels that are devoid of any distinctive description and that are a description of the characteristics of the products or services or are merely ordinary names called by custom on the products or services.
  2. Any expression, reference or drawing that is prejudicial to religion or is identical or like a religious-dyed centre.
  3. Any expression, reference or drawing contrary to public order or morals.
  4. Public logos, media, and other symbols.
  5. Geographical names if their use can cause confusion regarding the source or origin of products or services.
  6. Photos of others or their personal or commercial names unless they or their heirs agree to use them.
  7. Trademarks identical and like trademarks previously registered on the same product or service statement.
  8. Symbols of the Red Cross, Red Crescent, or other similar symbols as well as marks to which they are a tradition.
  9. Data on honours that the applicant does not prove to have obtained.

Q23: Can the applicant appeal against the decision to reject the trademark registration application?

The applicant may lodge a complaint against the decision of interest within thirty days from the date of notification. The petitions shall be heard by a committee constituted by a decision of the competent minister of three members of the Conseil d’états, one of whom shall be members of the Conseil d’états.

Q24: Can the Grievance Committee's decision to reject the trademark registration application be appealed?

Yes, the Committee’s decision to hear complaints before the competent Administrative Court may be appealed in accordance with the procedures and dates stipulated by the Law of the Conseil d’états sixty days from the date of receipt of the decision.

Q25: Is it possible to challenge the decision to accept a trademark application?

According to article 80 of the Egyptian Law of 2002, any person concerned may object in writing to the registration of the mark by notification to the interest, including the reasons for the objection, within 60 days from the date of publication in accordance with the conditions established by the implementing regulations of this law. The interest shall send a copy of the notice of objection to the applicant or his agent within 30 days of the date of the notification.

Q26: Is Egyptian law permitted to write off a registered trademark?

The competent court may, at the request of any person concerned, rule that the registration of the mark shall be cancelled by an enforceable judgement if it is established that it has not been used in a serious capacity, without any justification whatsoever, for five consecutive years or if the registration is established in bad faith.

Q27: What are the penalties provided by Egyptian law in case of assault on a registered trademark?

Article 113 of the Intellectual Property Rights Protection Act No. 82 of 2002 is punishable by a term of up to two months’ imprisonment and a fine of not less than 5,000 pounds and not more than 20 thousand pounds or one of these penalties and without prejudice to any more severe penalty in another law. Whoever imitated a mark recorded in accordance with the law in a way that calls for misleading, The same penalty shall also be imposed on anyone who intentionally uses a counterfeit trademark. The penalty shall apply to anyone who intentionally places on his products a trademark owned by another person. Lastly, any person who sells, offers for sale, trades, or possesses products with the intent to sell or trade a trademark with a counterfeit or subject without his knowledge.

Q28: Can a personal name be registered as a trademark?

Yes, provided that the management of the marks considers it a distinctive name. The name is considered distinctive depending on a range of different factors. In general, the more general the name is the less likely it is to be considered a distinctive name because it may be a personal name for several other people. In return, the more the name is removed from the usual, the more discriminatory it can be registered.

Q29: What is the difference between trademarks and trade name?


Everything that takes a distinctive form is words, illuminations, letters, symbols, addresses, photographs, or photographic items intended to be used for the business to distinguish its products, paintings, or indications.

Trade name:

It is the name approved in the commercial registry of the business and used in contracts, official transactions and enterprise paintings and is in Arabic.

Q30: What's the difference between (™) - (®) - (©)?

First (TM) is the abbreviation of a trademark word used by the trademark owner and the company to promote the product or service it provides under an unregistered trademark.

– Second (®) This code means that the trademark or brand is registered, and this means that the company providing the product or service in the market has become a registered trademark and has all legal rights to protect the identity or trademark.

Third (©) This code is an abbreviation for a word for a copyright sentence and is used with anything original compiled such as (designs, writings, photos, statues, sculptures) and the purpose of using this code is to declare your desire to preserve copyright and to prevent anyone from using them without reference to you.

Q31: Is it possible to add (®) to my brand once you deposit the registration application?

This code cannot be used in order not to be subject to legal accountability, but it is possible to use the code (TM) until it is officially registered.

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