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Company specialized in trademark registration

Register your trademark easily and quickly with KY Trademark. We provide you with all the legal solutions through which you can register your patent or trademark as soon as possible.

    Do you want to protect your brand identity and stand out from the competition?

    If so, you need a trademark registration service that is fast, reliable and affordable.

    KY company is here to help you with all your trademark needs. We are a team of experienced and qualified trademark agents who can handle everything from searching, filing, responding to objections, enforcing your rights and renewing your trademarks. We have helped thousands of clients across various industries to register and protect their trademarks in Egypt and abroad.


    We offer a complete range of trademark services for our clients at competitive prices.


    We have a proven track record of success in registering & defending trademarks for our clients.


    We provide personalized and professional advice tailored to your specific needs and goals.


    We have a network of trusted partners who can assist you with international trademark registration.

    KY is one of the leading trademark registration companies in Egypt.


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    كي واي هي واحدة من أبرز شركات تسجيل العلامات التجارية في مصر.

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