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Industrial Designs


At KY Intellectual Property we offer a full range of services targeting industrial design, between individuals and multinational companies and we work to ensure their mechanical and industrial innovations so that their rights are not violated and can be successfully protected.

An industrial design is an ornamental or atheistic appearance of a certain artifact. The design may consist of three-dimensional elements such as the piece’s shape or surface and it may be two dimensional such as drawings, lines, or colours.

The significance of protecting industrial designs:

  • The increase in creative innovations with technological development.
  • The industrialists’ pursuit of protection for the creative people of different industrial fields.
  • The emergence of intellectual theft due to intellectual bankruptcy and lack of knowledge of intellectual property.
  • The concerned countries’ endeavor to protect the creative people through passing bills and imposing fines and sanctions.

The scope of protection:

The protection covers the design’s external shape regardless of its function.

KY is one of the leading trademark registration companies in Egypt.

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